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Blue Diamond Growers, U.S.A

Blue Diamond Growers, U.S.A

SINCE 1910

As California's largest almond cooperative - representing more than 3,000 California growers - Blue Diamond Growers® is the food industry's first choice for value-added almond ingredients. California's growers produce over 80% of the world's almonds, and so it's only natural that Blue Diamond can process and ship premium almond products to over 80 countries with seamless efficiency.Blue Diamond offers ingredient customers an unparalleled array of almond forms and varieties.

Blue Diamonds Growers

Sliced or slivered. Whole or diced. Blanched or natural. Blue Diamond are experts in making sure your almonds are in top form. For virtually any application you need, Blue Diamond unmatched product, knowledge, and service to help you optimize your almond usage.Think of Blue Diamond for almond anything.

KOSHER Certified | HALAL Certified | SQF Certified | Non GMO Certified

Almonds Varieties


  • The most desired whole almond
  • Preferred variety for almond snacking
  • The premium almond Smooth, light skin
  • The right choice when appearance is essential


  • Highly blanchable
  • Economical choice for blanching
  • Includes a number of sub- varieties
  • Robust flavor


  • It's soft, well-sealed shell
  • Best for blanching & roasting
  • Kernel is large & elongated with slightly Wrinkled skin.