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Frutícola Olmuè, Chile

Frutícola Olmuè, Chile

SINCE 1993

Frutícola Olmuè was founded in 1993 in the early beginning of the frozen fruit industry in Chile. Empresas Sutil becomes a major shareholder of Frutícola Olmuè in 2015. Fruticola Olmue has a determined purpose to create a trusted, long term partnership with clients. They follow strong food safety standards. Frutícola Olmuè's commitment with the future goes beyond their product's quality and food safety. They have 3 production plants, 3 IQF tunnels and 26000 tonnes of processing capacity.

KOSHER Certified | BRC Certified | HALAL Certified

IQF Fruits Range


Only Highbush varieties. Grades available: A-grade


Conventional and Organic farming. Dark Sweet pitted cherries. Grades available: A-grade


Heritage and Meeker varieties. Grades Available: Whole A-grade, Clean crumble